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Shooters World Auto Pistol


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For loaders interested in attaining
standard or +P velocities in 9mm
Luger, an optimized propellant for
the .357 SIG, as well as correct
energy levels for cycling carbines
with subsonic loads, this propellant
is a wise choice.
It will also perform well with
difficult to cycle .380 Autos, .44
SPL, .45 Colt, heavy-bullet .40 S&W, and some light-to moderate bullet .357
Magnum loads. It can take your .45 Auto loads to some amazing velocities. This
propellant is a good alternative to Longshot, HS-6, Accurate No 5 and Ramshot
As the name implies, this propellants main purpose is to enhance cycling of
virtually all automatic pistols. It accomplishes the task by way of optimized
energy transfer, both to the projectile, and upon the firearm. From self-defense
carry ammunition, to competition ammunition, to realistic training ammunition,
Auto Pistol can assist the shooter with optimized reliability in even difficult to
cycle compact pistols.
Additionally, if you’re running once-fired cases of unknown history, this
propellant will help you hedge your bets against overworked brass. Due to its
particle size, it’ll result in cleaner loads than with like-burning propellants such
as Ramshot Silhouette.
The density of Auto Pistol is approximately 0.95 grams/cc. It contains a level
of flash suppressant, which aids in visual comfort to the shooter. It’s spherical
geometry assures highly consistent powder drops, when making rounds on a
progressive loader.
Under the Lovex brand, this propellant is referred to as D036.

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Powder 1/8

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