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Shooters World Tactical Rifle (Currently Local Pick-Up Only)


Tactical Rifle smokeless propellant
has been a secret of OEM loaders
for some time. It is the cleanest
.223 and .308 spherical propellant on
the market, and a superior alternative
to H335 and BLC(2).
There’s a wide band of perfor-
mance capability with Tactical Rifle.
.223 Remington ammunition can be
loaded for plinking and cycling in an
AR-15 with very light charges. Or,
you could load it all the way up to meet standard NATO performance.
With only 18 grains of propellant in a .223 Remington or 5.56mm case, a shooter can
push a 55 grain bullet at 2450 fps from a 20 inch barrel. Using an AR-15 in good
condition, this load has been shown to reliably function, but exhibit reduced recoil,
velocity and noise.
Specific load data has also been developed for 5.56mm NATO, when shooters are
looking to take the performance of their hand loads to NATO specification velocity from
NATO chambers. These published loads have been tested to military standards, fired
in 5.56mm pressure barrels, and fall within the maximum average pressure permitted
by NATO standards. But please note that we set charge to maximum pressure, and
not specified velocity. This way, shooters will understand the advised maximum charge
weight, beyond which we suggest you not pass. When loading to upper NATO pressures
or velocities, we surely suggest the use of NATO brass, NATO primers, and the use of
NATO loading methods.
While Tactical Rifle is optimized for 55 grain .223 Remington and 5.56mm, and
147/150 grain .308 Winchester and 7.62mm, it also provides sub-minute accuracy with
match loads we’ve evaluated. Using as-received/unmolested Winchester .308 brass,
Winchester large rifle primers, and a simple load of 42.5 grains of Tactical Rifle with a
168-grain Sierra Match King seated to 2.800”, we fired a 10-round sub minute group at
200 yards. Simple, yet effective.
It is extremely low in residue, muzzle smoke, and is flash suppressed. If you’re shoot –
ing a AR-15 or AR-10, this propellant is customized for your system.
The propellant flows like water through a volumetric charger. Handloaders will see no
more than +/- 1/10th of a grain of variation in charge weight from a powder drop. This has
been tested in Dillon, RCBS, Lee, Hornady, Hollywood, and Lyman chargers.
The density of Tactical Rifle is approximately 1.0 gram/cc. It contains a level of flash
suppressant. Its spherical geometry assures highly consistent powder drops, when
making rounds on a progressive loader.

Weight N/A
Powder 1/8

1lb, 8lb


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