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Shooters World Clean Shot


Clean Shot smokeless propellant
has become a strong favorite
of competitive pistol shooters in
America. Its consistency of ignition,
efficiency, virtual lack of residue,
ease of loading, low smoke,
consistency of velocity and
accuracy have all been witnessed
by top competitors.
Part of the secret to the success
of Clean Shot is its particle size. One of the main controlling attributes of cleanliness
and low residue is the ability of an individual propellant grain to completely burn.
Pressure and time are required to burn through nitrocellulose grains. Thus, the individual
grains of Clean Shot are among the smallest in the industry. The small size of the
grain affords for complete burn with even challenging loads, such as with light bullets,
low velocity, or voluminous cases.
Another factor that has a large effect upon accuracy is a propellants ability to fill the
case, while approaching peak pressure. The density of Clean Shot is approximately
0.65 grams/cc. Its fast burn rate, small particle size and low density contribute to a
winning combination in IPSC, IDPA, Cowboy Action, and other pistol competitions.
Clean Shot was given its name by Ken Johnson. A cast-bullet shooter, he’d run the
same 230 grain cast lead and lubricant load in his .45 Auto 1911 for years. In those
times, fast-burning propellants were used. The smoky smut at the end of the slide
after a session of firing, was explained by experts as a byproduct of the cast bullet
lubricant (bees wax and Alox).
However, when Shooters World was formed, the first propellant we imported was
Clean Shot. It wasn’t long before Ken got the opportunity to try out this new powder
in his .45 Auto 1911. Upon switching to Clean Shot from the other powders, that
smoky smut at the end of the slide was absent. Small, unburned particles were not
found in the barrel and in the magazine well. Even the feed ramp remained shiny,
and appeared un-fired. Thus, “Clean Shot” was born.
If you’re looking for low charge weights, excellent accuracy, a clean-running gun, and
consistently dropped charge weights, then Clean Shot is the logical choice.
The density of Clean Shot is approximately 0.65 grams/cc. It contains a level of flash
suppressant, which aids in visual comfort to the shooter. It’s spherical geometry assures
highly consistent powder drops, when making rounds on a progressive loader.
Under the Lovex brand, this propellant is referred to as D032.

Weight 16 oz
Powder 1/5

1lb, 5lb


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