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Shooters World Heavy Pistol


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Ballistic results for this propellant
show it appropriate for magnum
pistol applications, .300 Blackout
with supersonic lightweight
projectiles and some other
specialty ammunition. It is similar in
burn speed to Accurate No 9®,
and has similar application as
Alliant 2400, Hodgdon H110 or
Winchester 296.
The superior ignition of this propellant permits less-than-full loading density.
Therefore, it is not necessary to load “full power” loads with this propellant in
order to achieve safe results. Shooters World tests this propellant with standard
pistol primers, as well as magnum pistol primers. To date, we have found no
evidence that Heavy Pistol requires a magnum primer for reliable ignition.
In comparison to other magnum pistol propellants, we find Heavy Pistol
exceptionally clean, accurate with either cast or jacketed projectiles, and
exhibiting low muzzle flash.
The density of Heavy Pistol is approximately 0.98 grams/cc. It contains a level
of flash suppressant, which aids in visual comfort to the shooter. It’s spherical
geometry assures highly consistent powder drops, when making rounds on a
progressive loader.
Under the Lovex brand, this propellant is referred to as D037.2.

Weight N/A
Powder 1/8

1lb, 8lb


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