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Shooters World Match Rifle


Match Rifle is an excellent propellant
for long range shooting. Shot with
a 77 grain Sierra Match King, in a
5.56mm chamber it launches bullets
beyond 2800 fps from a 20” AR-15
barrel. That velocity capability makes
Match Rifle a natural fit for Service
Rifle and CMP competitions. Many
shooters over the years have found
favor with both the accuracy and
velocity performance of this powder.
Match Rifle is highly versatile, and has shown exceptional accuracy in .223 Remington,
5.56mm, and .308 Winchester. It is similar in burn speed to Accurate® 2520, CFE™223,
Reloader®15 and IMR 4064. It holds the broadest utility across all moderate rifle
Should shooters wish to build a low pressure 150 FMJ-BT load dedicated to M-1 Garand
shooting, a 46.5 grain charge of Match Rifle will provide good functioning, and 2720
feet per second in velocity. Meanwhile, the pressure with this load is only about 45,000
pounds per square inch.
The propellant gas generation rate is appropriate for cartridges of the light to heavy
sectional density .223 Remington and .308 Winchester. It can load the 55 grain, through
77 and 80 grain 5.56mm. It loads the 150, 168 and 175 grain .308 Winchester, and loads
all .30-30 combinations. It works in .30-06, in 7mm-08, 6mm BR, 6mm PPC, .204 Ruger,
and similar cartridges.
Another advantage to Shooters World propellants is the long track record of these propel-
lants. Our manufacturer has been making propellants since 1920.
Many of our propellants are sold throughout Europe under the Lovex brand. The Lovex
published reloading manual is available on-line, and linked directly from the
www.shootersworldpowders.com website home page. There, you can find additional
data for such calibers as .222 Remington, .22-250, several European calibers, and even
7mm Remington Magnum!
The burn rate and geometry of this propellant yields low residue, and ample port pressure
to cycle AR, M1, M1A, G3 and G36 systems.
The density of Match Rifle is approximately 1 gram/cc. It contains a level of flash
suppressant. Its spherical geometry assures highly consistent powder drops, when
making rounds on a progressive loader.
Under the Lovex brand, this propellant is referred to as D073.6.

Weight N/A
Powder 1/8

1lb, 8lb


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