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Shooters World Buffalo Rifle


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Buffalo Rifle has a burn rate
optimized for straight walled
rifle cartridges, as well as
reduced recoil/reduced energy
loads in virtually all rifle applications.
Chambers where the bullet
diameter is virtually the same
as the internal case diameter,
such as .38-55 Winchester, .45-70
Gov’t and numerous Schuetzen
calibers, will benefit from Buffalo
Rifle. This propellant has a burn rate slower than the venerable 4759, but can
be used in similar applications.
The standard test load for this propellant is .30-06 Springfield, a 168 grain bullet,
and ONLY 22 grains of propellant. This loading density is less than 50%! Yet
this propellant burns extremely well in this condition.
Whether the loader desires to shoot cast lead or standard jacketed bullets, this
propellant can greatly expand the utility of a hunting rifle. Now, a .30-06 can be
used for plinking with the kids! Or a .243 Winchester for rabbit hunting! Safe,
reduced loads can be economically loaded and enjoyed by the whole family.
Testing, validation and publication of many reduced velocity rifle loads will be
available in 2019.
The surface of this propellant holds no deterrent or burn rate modifier. Therefore,
it ignites quite consistently with extremely low loading densities in standard rifle
loads. This same ignition characteristic aids accuracy when used with cast lead
bullets and long throated chambers.
Despite Buffalo Rifle being an extruded propellant, we have found good flow
characteristics through a volumetric powder dump. The grain is narrow, and cut
short. While some reloaders insist on weighing each powder charge, we did not
find that extra time necessary when loading this propellant.
The density of Buffalo Rifle is approximately 0.87 grams/cc. It contains a level
of flash suppressant.
Under the Lovex brand, this propellant is referred to as D060

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Powder 1/8

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